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We Offer Complete Revenue Cycle Management By Customizing Our Billing Services To Meet The Individual Preferences And Needs Of Your Practice.
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High quality
No long-term contracts
No startup cost. Enrollment is free and easy. Patient care is complicated enough, we make our partnerships simple, clean & easy.
High quality
Dedicated Account Management
A dedicated account manager will work directly with your team to develop processes and workflows that suit your individual needs and preferences. We get you, we get your patients.
High quality
Financial Reporting and Analytics
We can customize reports to support your practice’s unique requirements.

Medical billing services for individual and multi-provider practices.





Aggressive Accounts

1 Electronic processing of medical claims
2 Reducing denials through proactive claim verification
3 Denial Management
4 Accounts Receivable
5 Management of EOBs and ERAs
6 Patient Statements and Inquires
7 Financial Reporting
Achieve stable and reliable revenue flow
Maximize your revenue by focusing on growing your practice and let us handle all the back-end billing processes.
Implement quality control practices that drive accountability and profitability
With Omni managing your medical billing, you can still maintain insight to your practices financial performance and we can assist with streamlining processes that improve your bottom line.
Partner with a dedicated account manager
Work one-on-one with an Omni account manager that is focused on your practice and day-to-day billing needs.
Keep the processes in place that are working for your practice
Working together we’ll incorporate your best practices with our billing services to provide a program that works for you.

Nothing is outsourced overseas.

Fair, simple, and competitive fee structure.

All claims are pursued until they are fully paid, we won’t write anything off unless you ask us to.

Quality Control – We audit our performance on a monthly basis to ensure we are meeting our performance goals.

We take responsibility for managing patient statements.

We do not ask the practices we work with to enter into a binding contract.

HIPAA compliant from IT systems to employee training.


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