Omni Offers Advantages Not Commonly Found In The Billing Industry.

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Advantages of working with Omni

Let’s just say it. Most medical billing companies will spend more time trying to decrease their own costs rather than trying to increase your revenue.  Our core belief is to focus on providing a high-quality medical billing service rather than trying to cut corners with overseas labor, under-staffing, or using free software.

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Our Difference

We don’t trap our clients into a long-term contract. You are free to terminate service at any time, we must continually prove we are providing an exceptional service to keep your business. No start-up costs. No contracts that automatically renew. No long-term commitments.
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Dedicated account managers – Not call centers

Tired of talking to a different person every time you call your billing company? Or having your time wasted by an automated phone tree? Our approach is to assign a dedicated account manager to each individual practice. This will allow us to learn how your practice operates so we can develop a solid working relationship with your team.
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Accountability & Quality Control

On-going measurement and verification of our performance is a core part of our approach. Our quality control process proactively audits your account on a monthly basis to ensure we are meeting or exceeding our performance standards for your practices financial health.
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Keep the processes in place that are working for your practice

Our process starts by working with each provider to determine what elements of their current billing program should remain in place and what elements could be improved upon. Each provider will have individual preferences to consider and incorporate into a new billing program. You can use your existing software platforms and data transmission procedures, or you may want assistance converting to newer technologies that reduce manual data entry and improve the billing cycle. We will work with you individually to develop a program that suites the needs and preferences of your practice.

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